The true value of SIMA

We can characterize assessment tools by the depth of insight they provide to understanding a person, and their cost in terms of both time and money.

The least insight comes from general statements given to a group of people – for example, descriptions of people based on their astrological sign, or daily horoscopes.

Some specialized firms use assessments built on competency models and incorporating simulations based on a business scenario. These comprehensive assessments (sometimes called “assessment centers”) also utilize personality measures, cognitive tests, and interviews. The cost of assessment centers is prohibitive, typically $5-15 thousand or more per person.


SIMA escapes the curve of diminishing returns because it takes an entirely different approach representing an individualized view of the person, not a comparison to a group norm.

Furthermore, SIMA can be done by way of an in-depth interview, with professional analysis and feedback, for a cost of approximately $3,000, less than most assessments with interviews and testing.